About Us

The Website

The Minority Marketplace (TMMP) is an online Asset Map that both identifies and highlights South Carolina based minority and women-owned businesses of all types and sizes. The site provides a resource for those who want to patronize minority businesses and serves as a clearinghouse for the information exchange between these businesses and federal, state and local government contracting professionals and stakeholders.

Our Approach

TMMP is an economic empowerment initiative lead by The MinorityEye that employs the strategy of ‘Asset Mapping’ to identify and highlight economic and community resources that minority business owners and entrepreneurs can use to help them achieve economic success. The site also acts as a resource for those who want to patronize minority businesses but are unsure of where to find businesses that provide the products or services they’re looking for.

What is An Asset Map

Traditionally ‘Asset Mapping’ provides information about the strengths and resources of a community and can help uncover solutions. Once community strengths and resources are inventoried and depicted in a map, you can more easily think about how to build on these assets to address community needs.

Dual Purpose

TMMP also doubles as a digital platform that documents and highlights minority entrepreneurs’ experience in their local marketplace. This multi-functional site highlights multimedia narratives that raise awareness of participating businesses and it creates opportunities for minority business owners to connect with one another and potential clients and serves as an avenue through which minority entrepreneurs can collectively advocate for economic equality and inclusion.